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Ephedrine Powder



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Ephedrine Powder is an herbal stimulant drug composed of two active compounds (pseudoephedrine and ephedrine).

It is a white crystaline bitter tasting powder that works by reducing swelling in the nasal passages and widening the lung airways, allowing users to breathe more easily.

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Ephedrine Powder is for the treatment of allergic disorders like asthma. It is mostly for the relief of breathing problems. Do not use if you do not have a diagnosis of asthma.

Powder is discovered as a central nervous system stimulant in narcolepsy and depressive states. It can be taken orally or by injection into the muscle, vein or just under the skin.

The usual dosage for adult is 30mg – 60mg in a capsule, three to four times a day.  Powder can also be used in the form of nose drop as a nasal decongestant.

Care Side Effects

Common side effects associated with Powder includes insomnia, headaches, nervousness, sweating, nausea, anxiety, increased heart rate and blood pressure, stroke, hallucinations and loss of appetite.

The most dangerous symptoms of higher dose are heart attack and increased blood pressure. The dosage of Powder is based on the patients medical conditions and response to therapy. It is not recommended to use Ephedrine Powder during breastfeeding.

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